Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Five Days in Montevideo, Uruguay

The high speed ferry from Buenos Aires, Agentina to Montevideo, Uruguay.
It had two floors and a shopping mall.

There was a Rambla walk way and it had a river beside it. We rode our bikes on it to the beach.

This was our neighborhood restaurant and we met the Chef named, Marcelo. He showed me the grill that was packed with so much meat and was nice to me.
This was inside the restaurant. It had two floors and was made out of old bricks and the pictures were delightful.



  1. More ice cream . . . please . . .

    I hope you will continue to protect Mom from those big, wild sea lions.

    You look so relaxed and happy. Continue to explore and have fun and share with us often. I love you.

  2. These are good fun, thank you. Hope to see more and more often.

    Love . .