Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Fantastic Four- Part 2- Rio de Janeiro

This is me and my father walking down the steep cobblestone streets in the neighborhood 
where we stayed in Rio, called Santa Teresa.

One night we took a walk and found this park. The kids invited me to play soccer with them. We played hard for about two hours. I couldn't understand everything they were saying, but I told them slap hands was "high five" and they thought that was cool. They were very good at soccer. Much better than me.

In Brazil on the beach, people come by with a small grill and cheese in a plastic box. They take the cheese and put it over the charcoal fire and fan the fire until the cheese is charred and gooey inside. 
It is my favorite beach snack! 

This picture was taken at our hotel in Santa Teresa. The man in the picture is our host, Olindo, and the dog is Samba. Olindo is hilarious. He tells funny stories and has a deep voice with a neat accent. The food he made for breakfast was delicious. My favorite was the big mango slices. Olindo's brother lives in Virginia and sells African food. What a coincidence! 

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